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Our Terms and Conditions of which the Disclaimer at the end is a part are short and concise so as to allow them to be read within a few minutes. They apply to all users of the Surrey Governance Association’s website and their published materials

Terms and Conditions of use.

The site is operated by Surrey Governance Association Executive through the Surrey Governance Association (SGA) for all Surrey schools and higher education Governors and Trustees. The website as with all SGA publications electronic or print endeavours to keep Governors, Trustees and others in administration or leadership in Surrey schools informed of current and emerging events, directives, consultations and informative publications.

While all those who contribute to the site grant us free licence to copy their material for the benefit of spreading their information the copyright of any material on this website or in any electronic or other publication of SGA must not be either in whole or in part abused by any third party or user of this site.

Specifically the material on this site is and remains the copyright of the originator and may require their general or express permission to be copied or used elsewhere.

In the main though not exclusively the information is gathered from the National Governance Association, the Department of Education, Surrey County Council, Ofsted, The Regional Commissioners Office for schools and many items are electronically linked to their or appropriate websites.

We also gather information from our Surrey schools, their Governors and Trustees as well as other agencies and individuals with an interest in education and welcome contributors to our website and to termly and other newsletters.

Users from other educational areas of the country may find that certain information is different or used in a different way in their area and all users should ensure that any information from any source is both genuine and applicable to them and their circumstances before adopting or relying on any of it.

While we make every effort to ensure that information gathered and published on this website or our printed material is accurate, legal and respectful and will remove any inappropriate or defamatory contribution as soon as spotted or notified to us, we take no responsibility for any third parties contribution and would advise all those who use the site to verify the accuracy of any information from whatever the source before using or relying on it.

While we endeavour to keep the site up to date we will retain certain information over a period normally as long as it remains relevant and will remove or archive material as best befits its status when it becomes dated. Users should always ensure that they have the latest updated information from the relevant originator of any material shown on our website or in our published materials.

Comments, questions and opinion in the ‘your chat’ section and in the Q&A section are those asked by people using the site or at SGA events and in the main, though not exclusively are from those involved in education. Likewise the responses or answers are given as appropriate either by our members or those involved in education to the best of their knowledge however the validity of any question and or the value of any answer must be verified independently by the user of this site and all users are subject to the terms of our disclaimer printed below.


Neither Surrey Governance Association nor any contributors represent that any material contained either on its website or in its published material are guaranteed as either definitive nor necessarily applicable to any other situation or event which may occur post publication and as such may not be relied on as a solution or appropriate to bring about any specific or desired objective, nor will Surrey Governance Association nor any contributors be liable for any loss or damage suffered by any person, firm, company or organisation of any kind resulting in the use of any instructions, suggestions or any information included in their website or published materials.
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