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SGA Chair’s Autumn Review .................................. 1

SGA Autumn Conference ............................. 3

Children's Minister Speaks ..................................... 6

Geoffrey's Discussion Point ................................... 8

Come Back Soon ................................................... 9

Geoffrey's Discussion Point

Issues to resolve that we ought to talk about openly - yet for various reasons we don’t.

One drop of inspiration can ripple right across the pool of conventional wisdom

The contents of this Discussion Point are designed to involve you in discussing through the website these and other topics affecting Governance. The intention to inspire some creative thinking and strategic input into matters important to all schools children and communities. The observations here are essentially not my fixed view or position varied observations and challenges to conventional thinking so as to prosper a richer debate and application of strategies for enhanced education,

I have often found that our opportunity to excel occurs when we face a set of problems. So why not use the summer holidays in Britain to broaden the debate and create ideas for moving to ‘building better’

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Geoffrey Hackett

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Take a Break To Reflect

By Geoffrey Hackett

Having faced so much change that has been forced upon us all by the events surrounding the challenges in fighting the coronavirus pandemic might, I suggest we pause over a coffee and think...Read more

Why don't you share your Governors experiences with colleagues through the pages of the SGA website and termly bulletins? Please email any contribution you wish to include from 50 - 500 words ideally as a word document with any pictures via admin@surreygovernance.org.uk

SGA Conference 2021 Slides & Reports

Here are the Powerpoint Presentaion Slides used in the SGA Conference 2021 held at Denbies with Maria Dawes and Steve Barker.

The Surrey Governance Association conference took place at Denbies Winery on the 13th November 2021 which due to the Covid -19 Pandemic was the first SGA live event for two years. SGA Chair Fred Greaves was delighted to welcome over 60 Surrey governors and Trustees. who were treated to two excellent presentations and a great opportunity to network over coffee as well as question the speakers in depth.

Brief reports and the PowerPoint slides for their presentation follow below...Read More at SGA Conference Web Report 2021

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Give three cheers for failure - give it a Gold Star

An article which looks at the puzzling complexities of the education world which lead to understanding why collaboration, cooperation, communication is so important.

From time to time we all need the challenge of a Read more...

Why are you in School Goverance?

You may think what sort of impertinence is in that question, after all what I do with my time and money is up to me. True but the question I am asked most by governors Read more...

Are you an Inclusive school or are you just missing out.

That there are very many hard working and dedi- cated people in Surrey education is not in doubt and the results overall would tend to reflect that these achievements have been gained in a system which has been very stable for the last 14 or more years but systems become dated and time, tech- nology, economy and society has moved on. Read more on page 12

An Exciting Change – Opportunity or the same old? by Geoffrey Hackett

Another in my series of articles to provoke action in formulating our School-Led System. Challenge - A story for two readers

Surrey Governance Association and SEND Teaching School agree to Link

Geoffrey Hackett Chair of SGA writes: - This link between our two websites illustrates the increasing need to share experience and knowledge not only across education but up and down each strand of education.... Read more

The challenge of the century for all in Surrey Governance

An article by Geoffrey Hackett listing some of the potential challenges to some Governors in some schools today the question is do any of these affect you Read more...