Geoffrey’s Discussion Point

Issues to resolve that we ought to talk about openly - yet for various reasons we don’t.

The contents of this Discussion Point are designed to involve you in discussing through the website these and other topics affecting Governance. The intention to inspire some creative thinking and strategic input into matters important to all schools children and communities. The observations here are essentially not my fixed view or position varied observations and challenges to conventional thinking so as to prosper a richer debate and application of strategies for enhanced education,

This COVID -19 is potentially a far more dangerous virus than were prepared to accept, for several times over the last twenty months, just as we think we are getting on top of the pandemic and ‘forging a return to normality’, the corona virus throws up a new problem.

As we came to November, the masks were off, we were planning Christmas parties and thinking of everything as being back to normal life, free as it used to be, when along comes another new variant Omicron and we are back onto the defensive. Even the now well-rehearsed nativity production is in danger of being performed to an empty hall.

We really do have to start thinking a little smarter, more strategically if we think that our individual highly developed wisdom, knowledge or greed is going to outsmart the forces of nature.

Alternatively we can use our experience to help friends, family and colleagues to cope with the pressure and we can set examples of modifying our behaviour in order to bring about a reduction in the spread. A little thought for others in our community - care and consideration - could go a long way to helping us all back to ‘normality’.

In the background of the pandemic there are many areas of a nation’s development that will have their own impact on schools and education. Governors will need to take a much broader look at the various indicators to be able to properly help their schools develop a strategy for the next few years, that will be needed, if we are just to maintain the standards achieved let alone develop to the next level.

Of course, the effort must be for a leading nation in the world today to come out strong in every area of its measures and key is our quality of education; for while it maybe tempting to find ways to suppress funding education and the disadvantaged. To help the economy today, it will be a waste of money, if we devalue the ability, skills, enthusiasm and learning of the those who will create tomorrow's growth enterprise and workforce.

SGA Web and Bulletin Editor