Prof. Dr Anne Bamford OBE report 2019

Strategic Director of the Education, Culture and Skills for the City of London.

Professor Bamford gave a very inspiring talk. She emphasised the need to introduce skills for the future, with reference to the Creative Curriculum, mentioning the following necessary fusion skills:
1. Oralcommunication/presentationskills
2. Collaborationandteamwork
3. Initiative
4. Problemsolving
5. Organisationalskills
6. Adaptability/flexibility
7. Writtencommunication
8. Independentworking/autonomy
9. Criticalthinking
10. Resilience
11. Creativity

Analysis and evaluation skills
She suggested that the issue of globalisation implied that cultural extensions might be more open but perhaps more isolated and questioned how mobile they would be. She introduced the idea of a ‘shared economy’ of schools (i.e. a set of schools offering a variety of subjects). She said that the speed of change needed to attract trust in the system of educational development.

She declared a shortage of high order skills, with a higher percentage of lower order skills. We need to challenge the middle achievement range. Health (especially Mental Health) and Wellbeing were crucial to the development of children’s educational progress. Professor Bamford questioned whether elements of education were irrelevant (e.g. IT skills vs App developments) and the difficulty of predicting the future needs.

Above all, she endorsed the need for good leadership skills.
Fred Greaves