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SGA Conference 2021 Slides & Reports

Here are the Powerpoint Presentaion Slides used in the SGA Conference 2021 held at Denbies with Maria Dawes and Steve Barker.

The Surrey Governance Association conference took place at Denbies Winery on the 13th November 2021 which due to the Covid -19 Pandemic was the first SGA live event for two years. SGA Chair Fred Greaves was delighted to welcome over 60 Surrey governors and Trustees. who were treated to two excellent presentations and a great opportunity to network over coffee as well as question the speakers in depth.

Brief reports and the PowerPoint slides for their presentation follow below...Read More at SGA Conference Web Report 2021

Following - Surrey Resilience and Sustainability Conference 22nd September

This information could be vital for Governance and Leadership so please see Conference Folders below

The presentations from the Resilience and sustainability conference at Sandown of interest to all in Governance

Ofsted presentation Resilience and sustainability conference 22.09.21.pdf

Resilience and Sustainability Conference 22 Sept Presentations.pptx

Meetings/Conference Programme outline for 22nd September 2021 Resilience and Sustainability.pdf


Celebrities get back to the ‘Rhythm of Life’ in new film supporting COVID-19 vaccination programme

Celebrities, including David Walliams, Jim Broadbent, Russel Tovey, Nicola Roberts and Asa Butterfield,

come together to encourage people to get COVID-19 vaccines.
First published.
3 July 2021

Watch the film Here

New legislation to help transform opportunities for all

The Skills and post-16 Education Bill will support vital reforms to post-16 education so more people can gain the skills needed to secure great jobs.

The Skills and post-16 Education Bill will be introduced in Parliament today (18 May), underpinning the government’s skills and training revolution.

The Bill comes as new figures show that further and technical education provision is already estimated to boost the economy by £26 billion. This sets the stage for a new outlook for post-16 education where every young adult has a range of opportunities open to them, removing the illusion that a degree is the only path to a good career.

The reforms outlined in the Bill will help to create more routes into skilled employment in sectors the economy needs such as engineering, digital, clean energy and manufacturing, so more people can secure well-paid jobs in their local areas, levelling up the nation and supporting communities to thrive.

A range of policies are already in place to deliver the Prime Minister’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee, as set out by the Prime Minister last year. Today, a new fund has been launched to future proof post-16 provision with a £83 million Post-16 Capacity fund.

Providers are invited to bid for a share of the fund, which will support projects to create more space for areas where there is due to be a demographic increase in 16-19 year olds in the 2022/23 academic year. This could include building more classroom space or technical teaching facilities, so providers can continue to offer places to every young person who needs one.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said:
Talent is everywhere in our country and the Skills and post-16 Education Bill marks a significant milestone in our journey to transform the skills, training and post-16 education landscape and level up opportunities across the country. This legislation will be vital so we can make sure everyone can gain the skills they need to get a great job locally and businesses have access to the qualified employees they need to thrive.

We’re also investing £83 million to create more classrooms and high-quality teaching facilities, to ensure that colleges can keep up with demand and offer a training place for all 16-19 year olds that want one.

The key measures introduced in today’s Bill are:
• Embedding employers in the heart of the skills system, by making it a legal requirement that employers and colleges collaborate to develop skills plans so that the training on offer meets the need of local areas, and so people no longer have to leave their home-towns to find great jobs.
• Supporting the transformation of the current student loans system which will give every adult access to a flexible loan for higher-level education and training at university or college, useable at any point in their lives.
• Introducing new powers to intervene when colleges are failing to deliver good outcomes for the communities they serve, and to direct structural change where needed to ensure colleges improve.

Many of the skills that employers are demanding require intermediate or Higher Technical Qualifications – but only four per cent of young people achieve a qualification at higher technical level by the age of 25 compared to the 33 per cent who get a degree or above. Evidence also shows these qualifications can lead to jobs with higher wages than degrees.

The measures in today’s Bill will bring greater parity between further and higher education, and help to deliver the Prime Minister’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee, ensuring everyone is given the chance to gain the skills they need, when they need them, as set out earlier this year in the Skills for Jobs White Paper.

New analysis by the government demonstrates the importance of further and technical education to the country’s economic recovery, setting the stage for the latest reforms. An estimated £26 billion is expected to be generated from the training started by adults in further education in 2018/19 over their working lives.

Welcome to your SAfE suite of Governance services

Dear Colleagues

I am delighted to share this information with you today, to signpost SAfE’s Governance services for the forthcoming year and outline SAfE’s plans to offer regular communication with our Governance community.

We look forward to working with all Surrey schools, academies and Trusts this year. The Governance team at SAfE is available to support you, in your capacity as a Governor or as a Trustee. Please note down our email address govsupport@schoolsallexcel.com and the SAfE telephone number 01483 749954.

Please read on for further information about the services we are offering and the events that are scheduled for this half term.

Best wishes

Ruth Murton

SAfE Governance Advisor

On behalf of the SAfE team

Blogs and Articles shared by Schools Alliance for Excellence on behalf of our Surrey education partners

We know how busy you are - so to make things a little easier, SAfE plans to share blogs with you via email to read at your leisure.

A new blog will be published on our website every fortnight.

We hope you enjoy this excerpt of the latest guest blog from Alex Russell.

You can read the full piece by clicking the website button in the section below.

If you would like to contribute a thought leadership piece in the future, please let us know!

So grab a coffee and join us for the latest thinking from Surrey's education community.

"Inclusivity is a process not a set of procedures"

A thought leadership blog shared on behalf of Alex Russell, Inclusion Roundtable Chair and CEO, Bourne Education Trust

There is a graveyard of ignored toolkits in schools reflecting the latest initiative or priority. This is because we like to “get things done” and then move on with the business of running our schools. Inclusion (and equality and diversity) must not follow this well-trodden path.

The education sector faces significant challenges related to equality, diversity and inclusion (‘EDI’). Matters that have been highlighted nationally and internationally include issues of harassment, dignity and inequality, concerns around performance gaps and matters related to mental and physical health equality.

However, change will all too easily be tokenistic unless we win the hearts and minds of our leaders.

Over the next few months the Inclusion Roundtable will be issuing advice and guidance which school leaders may find useful in devising their strategy to improve EDI. if you would like to find out more about the work of the Roundtable please contact Alex at RussellA@bourne.education or on 07766030345

Just breaking: Strategic overview of the school curriculum – beyond the Recovery Curriculum - Wed 6th October - 12 noon

The role of governors should always be strategic and not operational and this principle applies to our oversight of the curriculum. In this Better Governor webinar we will explore what strategic overview should look like and clarify how, in 2021, moving into 2022, the governance overview of the curriculum should reflect progression from the recovery curriculum, to schools plans for a return to normality. The webinar will be facilitated by our governance experts; Steve Barker and Linda Waghorn and will be a mix of input from them, combined with in-session opinion polls and the opportunity to have your questions responded to in real time.

To view your notification click here: http://www.bettergovernor.co.uk/schools/my_account#tabs-3

SGA Bulletin Summer 2021

Click here to read the PDF

The Resilience and Sustainability of your school

Please find the word document with an important invitation for you from Jane Winterbone Assistant Director Education SCC...Read more...

Data protection: privacy notice model documents

Suggested privacy notices for schools and local authorities to issue to staff, parents and pupils about the collection of data.

Change made:
Updated the document ‘Explanation of privacy notices’.
26 November 2021

Free courses for jobs

Details of the free courses and qualifications to help adults (19+) gain skills for life, including eligibility criteria and how to apply.

Change made:
Updated the information about adults who claim Universal Credit. Also updated the ‘Free qualifications for adults’ eligibility section to confirm that from April 2022, any adult in England earning under the National Living Wage will also be able to access these qualifications for free, regardless of their prior qualification level.
26 November 2021

Find a free level 3 qualification

Details of free level 3 qualifications available to eligible adults and the colleges and training providers who are currently able to offer free places.

Change made:
Updated ‘List of free level 3 qualifications available to eligible adults’. New qualifications are highlighted by ‘(added November 2021)’ in the qualification title field.
26 November 2021

New measures to reduce pupil absence

Government attendance advisors to start work helping local areas and school trusts put new plans in place to increase attendance First published. 26 November 2021

Free period product scheme for schools and colleges extended

Free period products will continue to be available for schools to distribute to their pupils in England
First published. 26 November 2021

Systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) teaching programme validation

Guidance on how to complete the self assessment form with the essential core criteria and supporting information.

Change made:
Updated the deadline for the third validation panel to 31 March 2022. 25 November 2021

Choosing a phonics teaching programme

Sets out what the government is doing to help schools choose a phonics teaching programme.

Change made:
Extended the third deadline for submitting SSP teaching programmes for validation. Also updated the Information for schools section with details on what’s important when choosing an SSP programme, and the section on Support for schools to clarify the additional funding package and eligibility.
25 November 2021

Co-ordinated admissions 2022: series 18 files

Files for the electronic transfer of 2022 co-ordinated admissions data, primarily for use by software suppliers.
First published. 25 November 2021

Subject knowledge enhancement (SKE): course directory

An overview and directory of subject knowledge enhancement courses for lead schools and initial teacher training (ITT) providers. Updated the sections on: biology, chemistry, English, mathematics and physics.
25 November 2021

Foreword from Liz Mills

For the full bulletin see SCC page

Dear colleagues,

It’s Anti-Bullying Week and this year’s theme is #OneKindWord.

Research has found that one in five children experience frequent bullying, and disabled children and those with SEN, as well as those in receipt of free schools meals, are significantly more likely to be bullied. The evidence is that severe and frequent bullying can have a long-lasting impact on children’s mental wellbeing and development.

At Surrey County Council, we are dedicated to supporting schools in providing safe and happy places for children to learn, through initiatives such as our Anti-Bullying Charter Mark. You can also find a range of Anti-Bullying resources and guidance for schools on the Anti-Bullying Alliance website, the coalition behind Anti-Bullying Week.

I’m sure you’ll agree that kindness is more important today than it has ever been. The past 18 months have highlighted how important little acts of consideration are, as they can break down barriers and brighten the lives of the people around us. Best of all, kindness fuels kindness, as one kind word often leads to another. It would be wonderful to hear how your school is marking Anti-Bullying Week 2021, so if you have any content to share, please send it to schoolsbulletin@surreycc.gov.uk.

In this edition of the Schools Bulletin, you will find a profile on Julia Katherine, our new Assistant Director for Inclusion and Additional Needs (Policy Performance and Practice) in the North East. Please do read her profile and join me in welcoming Julia to Surrey County Council.

You will also find the regular DfE updates as well as information about the newly launched #NeglectMatters campaign, a Surrey Wildlife Trust event for teachers, training opportunities, and much more.

As always, thank you for everything you are doing for Surrey’s children and young people.

With best wishes,


Geoffrey's Discussion Point

Issues to resolve that we ought to talk about openly - only we don’t.
How well do we understand - Inclusivity - SEND - Safeguarding - Leadership – Covid-19?

One drop of inspiration can ripple right across the pool of conventional wisdom

The contents of this Discussion Point are designed to involve you in discussing through the website these and other topics affecting Governance. The intention to inspire some creative thinking and strategic input into matters important to all schools children and communities. The observations here are essentially not my fixed view or position varied observations and challenges to conventional thinking so as to prosper a richer debate and application of strategies for enhanced education,

I have often found that our opportunity to excel occurs when we face a set of problems. So why not use the summer holidays in Britain to broaden the debate and create ideas for moving to ‘building better’

...Read More

Geoffrey Hackett

Current Consultations

Consultation on guidance on malpractice and maladministration

Replacing our statutory guidance on malpractice and maladministration.

Change made:
Publishing consultation response analysis and decisions.

26 November 2021

Regulating digital functional skills qualifications

Our proposals on the design, delivery, awarding and maintenance of standards of Digital Functional Skills Qualifications.

Change made:
Added analysis of responses and consultation outcomes.

25 November 2021

Technical consultation on regulating Digital Functional Skills qualifications

Consultation on remaining policy proposals and draft Conditions, Requirements and Guidance.

First published.
25 November 2021

Consultation on Ofsted’s role in the Online Education Accreditation Scheme

This consultation seeks views on how Ofsted should fulfil its role as the quality assurance body for the Department for Education (DfE)’s Online Education Accreditation Scheme.

First published. 24 November 2021

Reforming how local authority school improvement functions are funded

Page summary:
We’re seeking views on proposals to reform how local authorities’ school improvement functions are funded.

Change made:
First published.

Time updated:
12:00pm, 29 October 2021

Digital functional skills qualifications: subject content

Page summary:
We are seeking views on proposed subject content for new digital functional skills qualifications.

Change made:
Added the ‘Subject content for digital Functional Skills qualifications: government consultation response’ and equality impact assessment.

Time updated:
2:00pm, 29 October 2021

Recent Consultations Outcomes

Proposed changes to the assessment of GCSEs, AS and A levels in 2022

A joint consultation published by Ofqual and the Department for Education on proposed changes to the assessment of GCSEs, AS and A levels in 2022.
, 30 September 2021

Contingency arrangements: GCSE, AS, A level, Project and AEA

Consultation proposals for contingency arrangements for the award of GCSE, AS, A level, Project and AEA qualifications in 2022. Change made:
First published.
, 30 September 2021

Teacher subject specialism training (TSST): programme details

A programme to improve subject knowledge for non-specialist and returning-teachers. We have added a link to the National Centre of Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) website. 28 September 2021