SAfE "Home Learning Information" Letter

Dear colleagues,

As we approach the end of the second week of partial closure of schools, I wanted to share with all colleagues across the Surrey school community, two very simple messages.

I want to say thank you and to acknowledge the remarkable commitment of our Surrey schools: to serve each child whether in school or remotely, to be there for their families, and to support the wider community. The challenges that COVID-19 bring to each and every school, to our worklives and our homelives, are unrelenting. However the collective response to this is phenomenal. It is a privilege to work with you and to be in a position to offer SAfE’s support to every school and setting, as you continue to do your work.

I therefore want to outline the support that SAfE can offer every school across Primary, Secondary and Special phases as we move through the Easter period and into the ‘summer term’. Whilst there is uncertainty in terms of the timing of a return to schools being fully open, we can be certain that as a community, we continue to build on the collective strength of the Surrey school-led system to support all schools.

Your SAfE website continues to provide dedicated COVID-19 information, advice and guidance to all school staff. This also offers links to DfE webpages and SCC COVID information as well as signposting national agencies and organisations.

Central to SAfE’s work moving forwards is the ‘Home Learning Information’ webpage which offers phase specific strategies and case studies, supporting schools as all adjust to new approaches for teaching and learning.

• This aims to support teachers and leaders as they move to phase 3 of the Covid-19 response i.e. the summer term. A key priority is that we work collaboratively to avoid duplication and repetition as we all plan for and navigate the ‘home learning’ landscape together.
• We are also signposting cross phase guidance, including guidance from the Head of the Virtual School for LAC, supporting SENCOs with addressing Graduated Response needs and managing Autism.
• We will also be hosting a series of webinars on supporting children during this period of school closure; addressing key topics such as Mental Health and The SAfE website also provides Governors with a source of information, FAQs and COVID-19 guidance. We have provided access to the slides and the recording of the recent webinar event that SAfE coordinated. This event was very well received and we plan to host more in the Summer term. Please do share this email and these weblinks with your Governors on your GB or Trust Board and your clerk.
• SAfE is celebrating the incredible effort of colleagues in schools to work beyond the school gate and support the NHS, all critical worker sand the communities you serve. We are bringing together your work on our Community webpage and welcome your further examples – just email with any updates we can share on your behalf.

Finally, I know that you will all be prioritising support for children and staff over the next two weeks, whilst also planning ahead. Please do take time away from work. You are all in need of significant rest and a break from the stressful situations you have been dealing with. Please prioritise your own health and wellbeing and keep well.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss any of the points raised – members of the SAfE team will ensure there is support available for you throughout the next two weeks if you require support from us. Please contact us via

Best wishes
Maria Dawes