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Updated; Coronavirus (COVID-19) resources, information and FAQ's

The Surrey Local Offer has a dedicated coronavirus (COVID-19) web page that helps to answer frequently asked questions and signpost parent/carers. The 'Educational Psychology Coronavirus (COVID-19) resource pack' is one of the resources available for parents and carers. One of the updates to the page is the tab 'Early Years: Supporting Children With SEND to Return to Early Years Settings (New).' Please read the information provided on this page and send your feedack and any suggested questions for the FAQ's section.
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Government announces £37 million to support children with complex needs

On Tuesday, 19 May, the Government announced that children with special educational needs and disabilities in England will benefit from £37.3 million of direct support in 2020-21, which is expected to help more than 75,000 families in England. Families with children that have complex needs and disabilities will receive grants for vital equipment to make their lives easier while implementing social distancing measures, including computers, specialist equipment and
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Speech and Language videos for parents and children to try at home

Surrey County Council’s Speech and Language service has created a series of short animated videos to support parents and children to try at home. The clips contain tips, games and strategies to develop a child’s language. Topics covered include; attention and listening, auditory memory and expressive language. You can find the videos on YouTube
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For the Attention of the CEO, Headteacher & Chairs of Governor - Surrey Education Covid 19 Coronavirus

Weekly Update 12.11.20

Dear Colleagues

This is your weekly COVID19 Coronavirus update that includes all the new and updated local information and guidance related to COVID-19 including links to information and guidance newly published on SCC dedicated webpages for School Leaders. DfE and government guidance continues to be published regarding Lockdown 2 and we will continue to update the webpages with any changes to our local response.
The county council has been advised by DfE colleagues that further guidance for schools is expected to be published soon which will include further detail regarding Extra Curricular activities, Face Coverings, Remote Learning, Ofsted and Children’s Social Care.

Following the publication by government of a Winter Package last week end, the county council are working with partners to develop a response. Any updates and further detail will be available in future weekly emails and/or the weekly Schools Bulletin.

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For the Attention of the CEO, Headteacher, DSLs & Chairs of Governor - Surrey County Council Template Safeguarding Child Protection Policy 2020

It has been brought to the attention of the Education Safeguarding Team that the Surrey County Council Template Safeguarding Child Protection Policy 2020 circulated to schools via the Education Safeguarding Team Update mailing list has not reached everyone...Read More

Surrey County Council Template Safeguarding Child Protection Policy 2020

Foreword from Liz Mills

Dear colleagues,

This week our Director for Family Resilience and Safeguarding, Jacquie Burke, provides an update on a new development in Children’s Services.

Surrey's Little Help Shop

Surrey's Little Help Shop is a working title for a digital project we are prototyping in Children’s Services. We carried out some user research earlier this year and identified a gap for people seeking advice and information about support for worried about children in Surrey. Our ambition is to create a product that will enable residents or those working with children to self-serve with early help, reliable advice and signposting.

We are working alongside our IT colleagues and have engaged a suite of stakeholders – parents, home school link workers, voluntary sector colleagues, SEND colleagues and CAMHS. We are prototyping a product around a single issue at the moment and we have alighted on ‘behaviour’. Our research on a number of local sites showed this is the most researched and a google search will throw up tens of thousands of pages often leading to bewilderment.

Our next steps are to build the first version of our digital help shop and we intend to have this ready in January 2021. We will be testing the help shop when it goes live in order to refine and grow the new tools and maximise the benefits. We may also come to you for help with the name – ideas are welcome.

Best wishes and stay safe,


Surrey Safeguarding Children Board winter newsletter


Recent publications & information available on SCC dedicated webpages – Covid-19 Information for School Leaders:

Other Information & Reminders:

New head teachers and heads of school professional development programme

A quick reminder if you are or you know a colleague who is new to headship in Surrey and are not yet enrolled on the Surrey professional development programme for new headteachers, heads of school and interim headteachers. Coordinated by SAfE working in partnership with STSN this programme gives colleagues an opportunity to develop their understanding of headship but also to be part of a professional learning network of new headteachers. It is not too late to join. Please contact for further information.


If you are concerned about the welfare of a child, please contact the Children’s Single Point of Access.
Telephone: 0300 470 9100 or 01483 517898 (out of hours hosted by the emergency duty team)



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SCC Letter to Parent and Carers 19 May 2020

Here is the latest Bulletin from


Latest SEND Newsletter

latest issue of Confident in our future

Emergency & Out of Hours Contacts Reminder

Please could we remind you that if your schools emergency contact details have changed that these are updated with the Area Schools Officer Team or via the School Relationships Team The out of hours and office hours contact details for the Area Schools Officers is published on the key contacts section of the SCC dedicated webpages for School Leaders. The Area Schools Officers provide duty cover out of hours so please try all the Area Schools Officer numbers available or contact the Out of Hours SCC Emergency Management Duty Officer on 07831 473 039 if required.

Latest Ofsted inspection report on Surrey County Children's Services

December 18th 2019 Click Here

Important update: Changes to Children’s Services

Information on new arrangements for safeguarding children in Surrey and the implementation of a new Child Protection Consultation Line for Schools.


Information from Surrey

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