Take a Break To Reflect
By Geoffrey Hackett

Having faced so much change that has been forced upon us all by the events surrounding the challenges in fighting the coronavirus pandemic might, I suggest we pause over a coffee and think.

When so much in our lives is thrown up into the air we take on the challenge and engage the enemy in the conviction that we will fight to our last breath to preserve all that we value and hold dear. That we are determined to succeed in order to establish everything as it was before this gross intrusion that challenged our comforts our families our status our routine our ideology. We will defeat this intruder into our sanctuaries and banish it forever in order to preserve all those beautiful idyllic lives we had lived until this invasion.

So was everything that occurred in the battle, the lock down, the pandemic bad and to be exiled from our future of returning the past or did we learn something of the trials of the last few months’ worth salvaging to build a better future, rather than restore some of the past’s short cummings for the sake of nostalgia or avoiding some personal change or just a sheer determination not to be disrupted for any purpose

So what is your experience, what have you found to be of benefit, maybe it’s something specific to you - here are some that a few others may have found:
• Neighbours' can be sociable and helpful
• You don’t have to shop every day
• Without traffic air is far fresher and there is less dust
• You can have what you buy delivered for less
• You can meet and chat face to face with people around the world - hold meetings from your kitchen
• You’re a better gardener than you thought
• You don’t have to fly away to find a sunny beach
• That school is the best place for learning but home can be too if you share internet experiences
• That when we work together and share experiences we achieve much more in less time.
So is it - on to a brighter future - or back to normal? Sometimes people making a collective change may just move us towards saving our planet. Before you choose the way you wish to progress perhaps that idea is worth a little more thought?


• Those Zoom meetings don’t half save a lot of petrol and travel time - no rushing from place to place less pollution and more personal time
• While Zoom may not be perfect for every occasion they certainly could save much time and frustration if used for two thirds of meetings
• Especially once our skills in using the technology are perfected
• In the meantime here are a few tips to help when you Zoom:-
• Look towards the light source be that window or electric light
• Arrange yourself so that the camera on the device you use is level to your eyeline not below or above
• Ensure you seating is comfortable and that what you need is to hand
• If you are reading from notes try to have them on a reading slope alongside your computer at eye level