An Exciting Change – Opportunity or the same old? by Geoffrey Hackett

Another in my series of articles to provoke action in formulating our School-Led System. Challenge - A story for two readers

A. We are where we are - we may not be where we wanted to be but we have to move on to where we want to be from here.

B. Agree

A. So, what do we do?

B. Well, it’s quite clear if we are in the wrong place then something went wrong.

A. (in resigned tones)Yeah!

B. So we have to change the way we went about getting here.

A. Yes - but what?

B. Well, what went wrong, what went right, where are we going, do we all agree on where we want to go and what do we all have to do to take us there?

A. Excellent (under breath) what do think we’ve all been doing (normal voice) Go on.

B. Well we are here because over the last 10 years, 25 years, 50 years, (use which is appropriate) we have met the issues of the day, the problems and challenges, good, bad and indifferent with and by (chose minimum three and up to all from the following) arrogance, dogma, hypocrisy, personal intent, fine words, missed opportunities, unfulfilled deeds, impatience, great words, deaf ears, lost wisdom, misspent time, good intention, wasted money, short term fixes, papered cracks, squandered enthusiasm, removed opportunity, jealousy, missed opportunity and incomplete task lists.

A. Well, maybe hmm! (looking round room) but them more than me.

B. Of course, however, the biggest mistake we have always made and seem to continue to make, apart from blaming others, is failing to put things right quickly before we’ve wandered too far off the plan and then arguing as to whose fault it was.

A. Well, it’s difficult sometimes, especially when you’ve a lot to do. - Look WE ARE WHERE WE ARE what do we do now?

B. Well, we need to note the historic faults so we don’t repeat them, understand our individual and collective strengths, set a plan to where we want to be, communicate it agree it and get on with it. Simply we have to change our ways. So how about something education should understand five C’s and above: - communicate, collaborate, communicate, cooperate, communicate, then continue the cycle

A. Fantastic well said – Change programme that what we need come on folks the B is right we have to change. (Approving murmurs all-round the table) –(heard I think that’s 7 c’s)

A. Well B, your absolutely right we clearly need to change things to plan, adapt and communicate. Come on everyone we’ve got to save this ship, the jobs, our business. It won’t save itself, so let’s get back to doing what we all do well, next meeting same time four weeks as usual canteen after lunch (pause). The End (and it is).