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Collaborative working in primary schools

We are five primary schools who share experiences moderation training and some purchasing between the group of schools it works well for all levels from class room through to Governors and it cost very little to operate and just a little time. I wonder are other schools finding local collaboration beneficial why not ad your experiences here.

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Thread 2

A new team at the Department of Education

As someone once said a week is a long time in Politics and what do you know before you’ve even had time to pack your case for the summer holidays its all change at the top. The new team of figureheads at the top of our long hierarchical chain are found on the NEWS PAGE HERE. The sudden and broad change and most certainly not those named as the new ministers have prompted me with a wider and more general thought.

Perhaps if we get to operating a truly effective, all community, open communication, collaborative Schools-Led System then come autumn we will all be back; teachers Headteachers and Governors doing what we have always done and delivering to every child the best possible education we are able in an inclusive school environment. Totally unhindered by the incessant jockeying of either national or essentially local political wrangling.

Maybe I am just lulled by the warm winds blowing of the heat wave of summer - hopefully not those blowing of the cauldron of political self-interest. For I am growing confident that high quality, independent, scrutinising by our voluntary, wide experienced, well communicated governance ensures schools are not detracted from their commitment - that the education of every child is of the highest value, remaining unaffected by those rare but damaging cases of personal desire or excessive ambition committed by those in education who are paid from the ‘public purse’. Though sadly, when the problem does show itself, it seems to me too many in the system are prepared to cast a blind eye or say, “well they are not affecting me”.

I would hope such excusers are not kindly or sympathetic governors for in reality those who are generous inspirit to the mal practice or greed of others are either complicit in their self-interest and misplaced deeds or apparently failing the honest people and children that the self-serving are inevitably deceiving or oppressing by thier actions.

Geoffrey Hackett

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Thread 3

Add a thought or two here

This space is waiting for you to add a thought or two. While we are waiting here is a short one from me the knowledge I have saves me having to think, the things I learn start me thinking.

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